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Pie #2: Peach Pie with a Coconut Almond Topping



The Great Pie Experiment Continues!  To see what the Great Pie Experiment is all about, click HERE.  A pie genius from the Great North gave me a nudge that the above pie might be one of the best pie recipes in the book.  Speed Racer’s Uncle’s birthday was coming up and being the pie connoisseur that he is, I thought I would give it a go as a birthday present.

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The Great Pie Experiment



So I was recently introduced to this book by Ken Haedrich which has 300 tried and true recipes for pie.  You may not know this but I have had a love affair with pie for a long time.  Sure, there was that time in college where I ate cake every day, but we prefer not to talk about that….for many reasons.  I have always been drawn to pie.  So many choices, so little time!  But I realized after seeing this book that I really haven’t explored with my love of pie.  I have a couple recipes that I LOVE and I stick by them.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a Great Pie Experiment (GPE for short).  So if you will dear readers, follow me along this experiment of pie as I test my skills and review this fabulous book. There will be tears, hopefully not blood, happy moments, and yes, lots and lots of pie.

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Dish-o-the-Week: Blackberry Cream Pie



I love pie.  You may know this already but it deserves to be said again, I love pie.  Just about every kind of pie but especially if it involves chocolate.  So, this summer I am making an effort to try some new pies.  Because really everyone should have more pie knowledge, so I’m going to share my findings with you.  After all as Speed Racer says, “Pie makes a house a home.”

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Dish-o-the-Week: Maple Pork Chops


When Speed Racer and I first got married, pork chops were a staple.  They’re cheap, fast, easy, and most of the time when I made them they were pretty bland.  Lately I’ve been finding ways to spice up the usual pork chop in different ways.  One of the favorite recipes I found was a Maple glazed pork chop.

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Dish-o-the-Week: Thai Coconut Soup



Finally!  Another dish of the week.  I am sorry I have neglected trying out new recipes for so long!  But it’s been busy around here and any cooking has been pretty rushed.  But here we are!

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Dish-o-the-Week: Nutella Pastries

It’s been awhile since I did a Dish-o-the-Week post so I thought it was about time.  This is a super simple recipe that I got from Pinterest.  However, I have been experimenting with different recipes using crescent rolls for a while.  But this is for sure one of my favorites, if you like Nutella, you will love this.

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Mary Carson’s Baby Shower

Memorial Day weekend I had the pleasure of co-hosting with my friend Maya to throw our friend Mary Carson a baby shower!  It was a beautiful weekend although, a little hot, but luckily our party was inside.  Maya and I went all out between baking, invites, and decorations and it was a blast!  I think we both enjoyed every minute of it….well maybe not when we were baking in a sweltering kitchen the night before, but even then we managed to make it fun.

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