Brian, Lori, and Wyatt


This summer, while in Lexington Virginia on vacation, I headed out on an adventure with my Brother, Sister in Law, and Nephew Wyatt.  We wanted to capture all the awesomeness of Wyatt at two.  So we decided to do a glimpse into a”day in the life” of Wyatt.

I claim Lexington as my hometown.  It’s a place where time stands still in a lot of ways.  Kids still walk through downtown when they get off the school bus, people know your name, and there are a million fun little shops like Books & Co…Toys, too! and Sweet Things Ice Cream Shop.  We played with some pretty amazing toys, pet a very scary tiger, ran around in the park, and Wyatt had his very first ice cream cone.  It was an awesome day!  What more can you say?

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Free Engagement Session Finalists

I had so many amazing Brides at the Pink Bridal show that I just could not choose a winner for the Free Engagement/Bridal Session contest!  So this year I decided to leave that up to you, my readers, and the couples families and friends.  I have narrowed it down to three amazing couples and now its up to you to vote!  Vote for your favorite couple to win!  Voting will be open all week and on Friday I will announce the winner!  Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook to get more votes.  Good luck!


Focus on the Details 6.30.15

IMG_5127 copy

Continuing my Focus on the Details series today!  This series is meant to help me pay attention to the little details of everyday life and stop to appreciate them. It’s so easy to see something and go, “Wow that looks great!” or “that lighting is really nice,” and continue on with everyday life.  So without further ado, here are some more details that caught my eye.

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Mother’s Day Mini Sessions

Mother's Day Mini Sessions

I can hardly believe it!  My first Mother’s Day as a Mom!  I can already feel the time slipping by.  Each moment passes way too quickly.  As I was thinking about that this morning I decided to offer a mini session special for all those Mommy’s out there who want to capture this special time before it slips by.  Email me today to lock in your  time slot!


Still Moments 4.9.15


There hasn’t been a whole lot of “still moments” around here lately to tell the truth.  But every now and then we get a glimmer of one and hold onto it for dear life.  There is something about having a child that makes you be much more aware of time and its passing.  It can make your stomach churn to realize how much has already gone by, or make you flood with exasperation at how slow the lack of one nap time is going.  Either way you are so much more aware of it coursing through your daily life with an intense ebb and flow.


Ashley & T.J. Get Hitched


I was a little skeptical when Ashley asked me to photograph her wedding.  I sat across from her at Panera looking into her smiling face and had my doubts.  None of them were about her but about me.  I was 8 months pregnant and already felt like I was going to pop.  Her wedding was roughly a month after my due date.  What if it was too soon?  My concern was not for my own well being but what if I could not deliver (as I promise all my clients) my absolute best?  As I looked at Ashley’s expectant smile, I knew that I couldn’t say no.  Ashley’s sweet and understanding personality made it easy to take a chance.  We decided to wing it and I’m so glad we did.

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Catherine & Bryan’s Wedding


The first weekend in November it was freakishly cold here in East Tennessee.  There was even snow in the mountains, which is unusual for this time of year.  Despite the cold, Catherine & Bryan got married at Dara’s Gardens and had one of the most beautiful fall weddings I have ever experienced.

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