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It’s pretty rare that all the elements come together for a outdoor boudoir session.  Weather, timing, a willing subject, and of course finding a secluded enough location to take the photos.  But Amanda and I set out on a beautiful warm fall day for a beautiful boudoir adventure.

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Still Moments 11.8

still moments 11.8



There are moments that grab you and take your breath away.  They can be beautiful, heartbreaking, terrifying, or transport you into the past.  My husband and I bought his Grandfather’s house when we got married.  We have slowly been renovating and updating it over the past five years but there are still sections of the house that remain mostly untouched.  These hidden places still remind me so much of his Grandfather.  The primary place is the garage.  My husband and his Grandfather looked a lot alike and although I didn’t know him very well, I am assuming acted similar as well.  There are times that I walk by while Speed Racer is working in the garage and see him standing, brow furrowed at some mechanical mayhem.  His hands buried in the pockets of his worn and oil stained jeans, boots clacking on the floor, sleeves of his plaid shirt rolled up, occasionally taking his hands out of his pockets to run through his hair and I almost see his Grandfather, boots, worn oil stained jeans, plaid shirt, take one of his hands out of his pockets and lay it on his Grandsons shoulder.  It takes my breath away.

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Still Moments 10.8.13



Today on the Still Moments segment I am mourning the loss of summer for a bit.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of fall.  Lots of good things happen in fall, my birthday, leaves, great light, and the fact that Speed Racer will actually snuggle with me…I am a bit of a heater.  But there is always that transition to fall that leaves my heart longing for the long days of summer.  I have said many times that I think I could be okay with winter if we still had long days.  It’s the lack of light that get me.

The above photo was taken at Norris Lake, TN.  If you leave in East TN, you know the beauty that the lake has to offer in the summer.  It also bring a huge sigh of relief from the heat and haze that oppresses Tennessee in August.  My hope with this photo was to capture that haze and the slow ebbing flow of the water coming off of the lake.

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Pie #2: Peach Pie with a Coconut Almond Topping



The Great Pie Experiment Continues!  To see what the Great Pie Experiment is all about, click HERE.  A pie genius from the Great North gave me a nudge that the above pie might be one of the best pie recipes in the book.  Speed Racer’s Uncle’s birthday was coming up and being the pie connoisseur that he is, I thought I would give it a go as a birthday present.

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Still Moments 9.5.13

23620024 copy


It’s Throw Back Thursday here on the blog with this image from my Still Moments series.  I recently found a old roll of Ilford 3200 film that I had developed.  I obviously took some with this rolls here and there because there are moments from the end of college, the summer after college, right after we moved to Tennessee and up until recently.  This image was from a hike I took to Abraham’s Falls in Cades Cove several years ago.  I love the graininess of 3200 and the way the light illuminates the water droplets.  You’ll be seeing more film images on here since I finally discovered a reliable place to get it developed.  But for now, remember to enjoy those still moments and Throw Back Thursday.

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Still Moments 8.29.13



Today’s Still Moment is brought to you by sheer will and opening up my eyes.  One of the reasons I started this project is to start looking at the simple and yet complex world around me.  I wanted to capture more moments and to have my camera capture what my eye was seeing. However, it’s so easy to get caught up in the every day.  As I was on my way to work after my morning work out, I drove by an office and the sprinklers came on.  The misty water hit the early morning light so that everything glimmered and sparkled a rosy pink.  It was gorgeous against the go light green of the grass.  I continued on my way to work…

…yep literally said, “Oh that’s pretty and would make a good picture,” and kept on driving.  After a heartbeat I turned around, popped the trunk, and got the camera out.  It’s sad that it takes that much effort to interrupt the routine but it does!  It’s too easy to say, “Well I don’t have time,” or “I’m going to be late for work,” or “I’ll come back later.”  Don’t do it!  I am here to tell you that I struggle with that every day as well, so don’t feel bad.  But start getting out of the habit of the ordinary and start exploring!  Have that camera ready and start capturing.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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The St Clairs

IMG_9448 fam


When I was taking a short vacation to my hometown of Lexington, VA to visit my new Niece and Nephew (more on that later!) I had the pleasure of taking some family portraits for my long time friends the St. Clairs.  I was especially thrilled to get to take some photos of their daughter, Addison right before her 1st birthday.  It’s such a special time and we had a blast.

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