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Lily’s Six Month

IMG_8588 fam

You may remember Lily from a few months ago when we met up to do her three month photo shoot.  She has grown so much since then and is becoming quite the little lady!  We all met up at the Grist Mill in Norris on a Sunday morning to take some photos of the lovely Lily.

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Still Moments

IMG_8367 copy

I have been very conscious lately of still moments.  Those moments where you walk into a room and everything is silent, almost preserved.  It’s times like those that I feel like I just walked into a movie or a photograph.  Sometimes it’s just because it’s absent of people, sometimes it’s just the way that the light is playing on the walls, and sometimes I have no idea why.  But lately those moments just feel like they are everywhere.  So I am making a more conscious effort to prepare for them and capture them.  Some of them seem silly, like the one above.  What’s so special about a shower?  But for some reason this is how I saw it.  The light just barely illuminating the fixtures, and the contrasts of the light and dark.  Sometimes it doesn’t translate into anything much and sometime it’s just for me to say, “Yep, I caught that one.”  But I can’t help thinking that if I pay attention enough times, I may capture a spectacular moment.

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Kaylee and Ashley

IMG_5136 seven

I’ve been trying to get together with Kaylee to do couples portraits for her and her girlfriend, Ashley for a while now.  Kaylee is my sister in law (yay!) and we’ve been trying to arrange for pictures for months.  Our two busy schedules kept colliding, however, we finally met up at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens for a fun shoot.

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Bathroom Redo: An Update



It’s time for another Episode of, “The Awesome Grout Renew!”  This past weekend I decided it was time to tackle the shower with the Grout Renew and see how everything turned out.  So Sunday morning I started on the shower with gusto.

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Bathroom Redo: A Start


There are some days that I just get my panties in a wad.  Yep, it happens.  And Sunday was one of those days.  The rain hadn’t stopped pouring all morning and it had been raining since Thursday.  As another torrent berated the roof, I thought to myself, “I MUST DO SOMETHING.”

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Pie #1: Peaches and Blueberry with a Cobbler Topping


As some of you may recall I am attempting a Great Pie Experiment.  What better day to get experimenting with a summer fruit pie than the 4th of July?  I was looking for something sweet but summery that I could share with others to celebrate our nations birthday.  After flipping through the pages of Ken Haedrich’s Pie Book for awhile I came across this recipe for Peach and Blueberry pie with a Cobbler Topping.  It sounded perfect, and better yet, I had all the ingredients.

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The Great Pie Experiment



So I was recently introduced to this book by Ken Haedrich which has 300 tried and true recipes for pie.  You may not know this but I have had a love affair with pie for a long time.  Sure, there was that time in college where I ate cake every day, but we prefer not to talk about that….for many reasons.  I have always been drawn to pie.  So many choices, so little time!  But I realized after seeing this book that I really haven’t explored with my love of pie.  I have a couple recipes that I LOVE and I stick by them.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a Great Pie Experiment (GPE for short).  So if you will dear readers, follow me along this experiment of pie as I test my skills and review this fabulous book. There will be tears, hopefully not blood, happy moments, and yes, lots and lots of pie.