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Still Moments 10.25.13

return blog


Happy Friday blog readers!  Here is another in the “Still Moments” series.  This moment struck me as I was rushing around the house.  The light coming from the window and the dreary mood caught my eye.  The title of this piece is “Return.”  For some reason that word just stuck in my head as I was photographing the image.  What does the word “return” mean for you?  Is it a loved one returning?  Is it returning to a place?  Or is just hitting the return key?  Ponder the word today and let me know your thoughts!

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Can you say, Suhweet?

necklace blog


It’s official, I really do have THE coolest clients on the face of the planet. Sure, one of these clients is also my fabulous Cuz but still, really awesome!  This past weekend I was in Richmond, VA photographing Jonathan and Terri’s wedding (more on that soon!) and as a thank you gift they gave me this awesome necklace.  It’s a old camera and the lid comes off the top so you can hide things inside!  A camera with secrets, I like it!  It was done by Iluxo, check them out on Etsy.  By far my favorite thank you I’ve ever received from a client.  Thanks guys, and I can’t wait to get cracking on your wedding photos!

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Grace 3 Months

IMG_3550 fam


This is Grace, my Niece.  So full disclosure here, this post is going to be full of biased information about how this little girl is the cutest baby in the world etc etc.  That’s just how it is when you’re an Aunt.  Take it or leave it, she’s my favorite Niece (and my only Niece right now).

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Still Moments 10.8.13



Today on the Still Moments segment I am mourning the loss of summer for a bit.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of fall.  Lots of good things happen in fall, my birthday, leaves, great light, and the fact that Speed Racer will actually snuggle with me…I am a bit of a heater.  But there is always that transition to fall that leaves my heart longing for the long days of summer.  I have said many times that I think I could be okay with winter if we still had long days.  It’s the lack of light that get me.

The above photo was taken at Norris Lake, TN.  If you leave in East TN, you know the beauty that the lake has to offer in the summer.  It also bring a huge sigh of relief from the heat and haze that oppresses Tennessee in August.  My hope with this photo was to capture that haze and the slow ebbing flow of the water coming off of the lake.

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Claire’s Senior Portraits

IMG_2472 eleg

Meet Claire: high school Senior, tennis player, outdoor lover, and secret super model.  This girl is GORGEOUS with a capital G.  Seriously, I’m suspicious she left out the “oh yeah by the way I model professionally” when we met.  But Claire’s beauty goes much deeper than the surface and I had a wonderful time getting to know her and her family better.

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