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Pie #2: Peach Pie with a Coconut Almond Topping



The Great Pie Experiment Continues!  To see what the Great Pie Experiment is all about, click HERE.  A pie genius from the Great North gave me a nudge that the above pie might be one of the best pie recipes in the book.  Speed Racer’s Uncle’s birthday was coming up and being the pie connoisseur that he is, I thought I would give it a go as a birthday present.



Peaches are by far the best.  Of course, you can’t really trust what I say when I say things like that because I am just as likely to say, “chocolate is by far the best.”  However, there is something about summer and peaches that just can’t be beat.  My summer/peach love affair was doomed this year by massive amounts of rain in the South.  I think the “peach season” lasted maybe a week where you could find some really good peaches.  So, unfortunately I had to go for frozen.  Frozen at least still retains a lot of flavor and still made a dang good pie.

I love how the mix of lemon, lemon zest, and nutmeg bring out the flavors of the peaches.  That’s right I said nutmeg fool!  It is unexpectedly tangy and warm.

Crust update: I have improved!  I probably still make my crusts a tad on the wet side but I find they at least don’t fall apart that way vs dry.


So the really different thing about this recipe is the coconut almond topping.  First of all, this is a whole new world for me, a pie with topping!  Who would have thought.  I had separated my worlds into cobbler and pie.  But now they have melded into a delicious concoction that is opening up new horizons.  Pure poetry friends.



The topping calls for a food processor to help chop it up, which I do not have.  So I just put it all in a blender which proceeded to die a horrible and smokey death.  SO, beware of the topping.  Do not fret if you lack possession of a food processor or blender!  You can make this with your hands by just crumbling it up for a while but it will take a little bit longer.



Verdict?  Success!  This pie is different and has so many unexpected flavors that remarkably come together perfectly.  People look at you a little wonky when you tell them that it’s a coconut almond topping but once they taste it they will wonder why they never thought of peach, coconut, and almond in the same sentence before.  Give it a whirl, you won’t be sorry.


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