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People Pictures: Exercise One

As many of you loyal followers know, I am reading “People Pictures,” by Chris Orwig and attempting to complete the 30 exercises in the book.  Exercise One was getting back to basics.  Basics?? Who does basics?  This girl.  I completely agree with Chris in the first chapter when he says sometimes we need to take a breath and revisit what we know.  So here we go, back to basics.

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For Christmas, my amazing husband Speed Racer, gave me a pinhole lens for my digital camera!  In college I did a lot of film pinhole photographs and really loved doing it, so I have been excited to try it out.

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30 Photo Exercises

For Christmas, I bought myself this book by Chris Orwig, “People Pictures: 30 Exercises for Creating Authentic Photographs.”  (Side note: I am not getting paid in anyway to talk about or advertise this book, sheesh!)  As a photographer, I am always looking to improve myself and I thought having a simple guide of exercises to try might be fun.

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Dish-o-the-Week: Oatmeal Casserole

Last Saturday I made this Oatmeal Casserole.  Now, I know I don’t normally think, “Wow Oatmeal Casserole, my favorite!!!”  I don’t normally put the words OATMEAL and CASSEROLE in the same sentence to be honest.  But this recipe looked so yummy I just couldn’t resist trying it out.

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Orange Hat

Do you remember those days in college when it was about 1am and you were working on a paper?  Your roommate had gone to bed and you were stuck.  Seriously STUCK.  There was that sense of helplessness, maybe even dread, that there was no one there to help you figure out this paper.  Unfortunately it’s not just college students who feel this either.  I’ve had this problem post college too.  Sometimes you just need someone else there to give you some pointers and help you with the creative process.  Well, meet my brother.

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Back in November, I had a very special date with a handsome young man.  This little guy above.  Adorable right?  I was honored to be present when he came into the world, see Meeting Orion, Part I and Meeting Orion, Part II for more on that story.  This time around though, our meeting was a little more, shall we say causal?

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Mencer Family Portraits

Right before Christmas, I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Mencer Family for some pre-Christmas portraits.  We lucked out and had a beautiful day in December that was actually warm!

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