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Mary Carson’s Baby Shower

Memorial Day weekend I had the pleasure of co-hosting with my friend Maya to throw our friend Mary Carson a baby shower!  It was a beautiful weekend although, a little hot, but luckily our party was inside.  Maya and I went all out between baking, invites, and decorations and it was a blast!  I think we both enjoyed every minute of it….well maybe not when we were baking in a sweltering kitchen the night before, but even then we managed to make it fun.

The glowing Mama to be!  Meet our guest of honor and one of my absolute best friends.  I am almost bursting with excitement at the thought of this beautiful new baby coming into the world.  Mary Carson is due the beginning of August and is keeping the sex of the baby a surprise.  Yay for surprises!  Although, pretty much everyone is convinced it’s going to be a boy.  I be sure to do an update post on that in August!

My beautiful co-host sampling some of the home made lemonade.

Maya brought an awesome onesie decorating game!  We had a lot of fun decorating different ones for Mary Carson.  P.S.  All the cute baby pictures are of Mary and Gavin when they were little.  Baby Hokie is going to be so cute!

Thank you to everyone who came for making it a really fun baby shower!  Thanks to Maya for being so wonderful and creative, as always!  And a special thanks to Mary Carson for letting us invade your house!  I cannot wait to meet your darling baby and be a part of a new chapter in your and Gavin’s lives.



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