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Will and Emily

Will and Emily are two incredible people.  I was lucky enough to meet both of them during my college years at the University of Mary Washington.  Emily and I met during my Italian classes and we suffered together diligently.  However we soon discovered our shared love for art and photography.  Emily was one of the photographers at my wedding (yay!).  Will and I met during my years as the Photo Editor for our school newspaper, the Bullet.  He was the Editor in Chief at the time and we discovered our shared love for, well, Speed Racer.  They have a bromance that will never die.  But more on that later.  I was so excited when I found out these two were dating and have been honored to see their relationship grow.

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Friday Photo: 5.11.12

Here is the Friday Photo folks!  I thought we all needed a little laughter and joy today because it’s Friday after all!!  I just love this photo.  The expressions on both the little kids face and the camel crack me up.  I got this photo from Pinterest and it didn’t have a link to the artist, but what excellent timing!  Hope this brings a smile to your face, even if you don’t have a camel to laugh with you.  Happy Friday Everyone!

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Top 10 Pins

It’s that time again!  Time for another Top 10 Pins!  Here’s what I’ve been oggling, drooling over, and dreaming about over the last couple weeks.  Be amazed, be very amazed…okay well maybe it’s not that great but they are fun things to think about.

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Friday Photo: Baby Reveal

Monday my friend Angela (and sometimes lovely assistant) and her husband Dustin found out they are having a baby girl!  So Tuesday night I headed over for a baby reveal photo op.  Angela is fantastic at thinking of cute poses and great backdrops, so she had a little set up all ready when I got there.

I love the idea of doing a baby reveal and I think this was a cute and simple way to do it.  And of course I think Champ, their dog, just looks adorable.  If you want to see more of Champ (and of course Angela and Dustin) click HERE and HERE.  Angela is handing out/mailing these photos to her family and friends so they can share in her and Dustin’s excitement.

Thank you Angela and Dustin for letting me be part of your big reveal!  I can’t wait to meet Baby Shewcraft and be part of her life.  Dare I say I see some cute baby girl photos in our future?  You guys are going to be wonderful parents.