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Will and Emily

Will and Emily are two incredible people.  I was lucky enough to meet both of them during my college years at the University of Mary Washington.  Emily and I met during my Italian classes and we suffered together diligently.  However we soon discovered our shared love for art and photography.  Emily was one of the photographers at my wedding (yay!).  Will and I met during my years as the Photo Editor for our school newspaper, the Bullet.  He was the Editor in Chief at the time and we discovered our shared love for, well, Speed Racer.  They have a bromance that will never die.  But more on that later.  I was so excited when I found out these two were dating and have been honored to see their relationship grow.

So when they asked me to be the photographer at their wedding, I had to keep from jumping up and down while I said yes.  We lucked out with a beautiful April day, and all though it hinted at rain, it cleared up and kept sunny until late in the evening.  The wedding was in Alexandria, VA at St. Mary’s Catholic Church and the Hotel Monaco (very swanky).  It was awesome that almost everything was within walking distance from the hotel.

I got some time alone with Emily before hand to snap some pics of her getting ready and with some friends and family.  Isn’t she beautiful!  Meanwhile Speed Racer was over at the church with Will.

The service at St. Mary’s was absolutely beautiful.  After that we headed back to the Hotel Monaco for the reception.  Since the weather was still nice the reception was in the courtyard.  It had a wonderful elegant, yet family fun feel to it.  There were little kids running around, great food, wonderful drinks, and beautiful table settings.

After the reception we headed out for some romantic shots around town of the happy newly weds!

Did I mention Bromance?  Their love will never die, it’s okay, Emily and I have come to grips with this.

It was a truly lovely day, thank you Will and Emily for inviting Speed Racer and I to be part of it.  We enjoyed every minute and loved spending time with you guys on such a big day.  For more photos of the day, check out the gallery below.


2 thoughts on “Will and Emily

  1. loved the back story and the green shoes!! really LOVELY and creative job on the shots as always!! good that you and Emily can deal with the bromance! 🙂

  2. These are just outstanding! Will looks so cute with the bouquet. Emily is just beautiful. The one of her in the window is just incredible. What a lovely, lovely wedding. Good job!! What is it with you guys and the shoes…?

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