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New River Trail

Barn off the New River TrailEarlier in October I had the pleasure of going on a bike trail with my Aunt and Uncle for the weekend.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to hang out with them, get some pictures, enjoy the fresh air, and maybe get a little exercise.  Joke was on me about the exercise as you will see…

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Engagement Party

A couple weekends ago my fantastic friend Kristin asked me to photograph an engagement party for one of her buddies.  Not only did she promise me home cooked meals and a comfy bed at her parents house in Cookeville, but a really good time with friends.  How could I refuse?

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Scout and Terra

twobrowndogsI would like to present Terra and Scout!  Terra is on the left and Scout is on the right.  If you’re an International fan, like Speed Racer, then you will know exactly why they are named Terra and Scout.  Not familiar?  Here is one of Speed Racer’s adventures with Internationals. On Sunday one of my best friends Kristin and buddy in crime AND Mama to these adorable dogs, took me to the park (along with the dogs) for a day of fresh air.  We enjoyed hiking, chasing things, and some picture taking…the dogs did I mean…or erh…me.  If I were to make an album of these dogs I’d have to call it Brown Dogs in Brown, because they just look so good with this photo effect.

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Mike and Lucy


Well I am finally starting to get out of the clutches of “The Crud.”  In celebration of that fact, I decided it was time for another post.  Over labor day weekend my parents hired me to take some couple portraits of them for their anniversary present to each other.  We had a really good time talking, laughing, and my bossy self barking out ridiculous orders.

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