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I Spy Something…

GREEN!!! Back in October my mother and I spent some time planting bulbs in my front flower beds.   And by my mother and I, I mean, my mother.  This was during the time that I had my tonsils removed, so I was in recovery.  I had a very important job though…I pointed where the flowers should go…yeah…important.  But I digress.  So all through the winter, I was worried they wouldn’t come up, and the beds looked all tucked and cozy but well…brown.

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Mann Again

As I have mentioned in previous posts (see Mann: Keeping Inspired) and will likely  mention in posts to come, I’m a big fan of Sally Mann.  I love the rough quality of her work and at the same time the mystery of it.  I particularly love her wet plate photography series like Deep South, and her newest series Proud Flesh.

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It’s for fun

Did you know photography is fun?? Crazy! I know.  But it is in fact fun.  Here is a teaser of some shots that I took a couple of weekends ago.  It was a sunny weekend, and it was nice just to go and take some photos for fun.  You should try it sometime.  For realz.

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10 Reasons Why…

…I am trying to get in shape.  The above photograph was taken the fall of my senior year of college.  And from other pictures that I will not share with you, there was a huge difference between the fall and the spring.  Note the flat stomach.  That is surprisingly absent in those other, horrible photographs. So it’s official folks.

I’ve been workin’ it every day for almost a month and I’ve lost 9lbs (and apparently that last 1 lb before 10 is super stubborn).  Now I do not consider myself a big lady, or even plump but there are several reasons why I have decided it’s time to tone up.  So of course, since this is a blog, I’m going to share them with you.

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