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Christi and Will +1

A couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful couple.  I worked with Christi at a previous job and she is just wonderful.  So when she asked me to take her maternity photos I jumped at the chance!

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Friday Photo 10.26.12

It’s Friday! And that means it’s time for a Friday Photo.  I know I have gotten a little behind on this but it’s never too late to start again.  On my way back from my birthday trip to D.C. to see the Redskins Game, I stopped by to visit a few friends in my old stomping ground.  On the list was my dear friend Clara.  Clara and I have known each other for awhile now.  We went to the same high school, the same college, were both in the Art Department in college, traveled to Africa together, and have stayed close since college.  I cannot count how many times I have photographed her between art projects, gallery shows together, and just traveling.  Art and photography always seems to be a main part of our conversation as we have tea dates, sitting on her porch and catching up on life.  These small moments and coveted hours together have meant more to me than I could ever express and I cherish the opportunity to share with each other.  More often times than not, there’s a camera there with us, like an old friend keeping us company.  So of course, on this visit, like so many others I asked if I could photograph her some.  This is one of my favorites because it’s so genuine and casual.  Just us, sitting on the porch, having some tea, laughing and loving the small moments we have together that make up life.

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Miata Me



Meet my birthday present.  That’s right, pretty awesome.  Go ahead and drool a little bit, I’ll wait. Continue reading

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Meeting Macey

Meet Macey.  She is the sweet baby girl of my friends Angela and Dustin.  Several months ago Angela and I had decided that if the timing worked out, I would come and photograph Macey’s birth.  We also did a few before and after photos that I hope to share with you soon.  She has been long awaited and joyously welcomed into this world.  Hello, Macey.

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Redskins Game

The weekend of September 23rd (also my birthday weekend), me and my family headed up to Washington D.C. for a little family time and some fun.  We were celebrating both my birthday and my oldest brother’s 30th (a few months late) but going to a Redskins game!  Now, I am not going to fight football with anyone.  If you like Redskins, awesome, if you don’t, that’s fine too, but everyone should go to a pro game once in their life just for the experience.  It’s a ton of fun.

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