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Still Moments 10.8.13



Today on the Still Moments segment I am mourning the loss of summer for a bit.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of fall.  Lots of good things happen in fall, my birthday, leaves, great light, and the fact that Speed Racer will actually snuggle with me…I am a bit of a heater.  But there is always that transition to fall that leaves my heart longing for the long days of summer.  I have said many times that I think I could be okay with winter if we still had long days.  It’s the lack of light that get me.

The above photo was taken at Norris Lake, TN.  If you leave in East TN, you know the beauty that the lake has to offer in the summer.  It also bring a huge sigh of relief from the heat and haze that oppresses Tennessee in August.  My hope with this photo was to capture that haze and the slow ebbing flow of the water coming off of the lake.

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Still Moments 9.5.13

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It’s Throw Back Thursday here on the blog with this image from my Still Moments series.  I recently found a old roll of Ilford 3200 film that I had developed.  I obviously took some with this rolls here and there because there are moments from the end of college, the summer after college, right after we moved to Tennessee and up until recently.  This image was from a hike I took to Abraham’s Falls in Cades Cove several years ago.  I love the graininess of 3200 and the way the light illuminates the water droplets.  You’ll be seeing more film images on here since I finally discovered a reliable place to get it developed.  But for now, remember to enjoy those still moments and Throw Back Thursday.

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Camp Wilkins 2013


In the post The St. Clairs I mentioned that I was in Lexington, Va to see my new niece and nephew!  So the time has finally come to show these two cuties off.  I was in Lexington for several days and while I was there it was my goal to not only get some pictures of these new babies in my life, but also just photograph the surrounding area.

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Still Moments 8.14.13



Here is the next entry in my “Still Moments” series.  This series strives to capture those quiet everyday moments that evoke a sense of peace or stillness.  I love Queen Anne’s Lace.  Although it is more of a weed than a flower, it always means summer to me.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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Friday Photo

Happy Friday Photo readers!!  I took this photo behind my parents house of the moon.  At the time it looked huge but I didn’t really have the equipment to have it show up right.  But I am happy with the result even though it’s different from what I imagined.  Besides, I stepped on a snake to get this photo.  You are welcome.  Happy Friday!

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Banoe 2012

Every June for the past three years, Speed Racer and I have gotten together with our high school friends.  The guys get all the credit.  It started with Speed Racer’s bachelor party and a rowdy canoe trip down the river.  Thus, a tradition was born and it’s one I can’t live without.

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Friday Photo: 5.11.12

Here is the Friday Photo folks!  I thought we all needed a little laughter and joy today because it’s Friday after all!!  I just love this photo.  The expressions on both the little kids face and the camel crack me up.  I got this photo from Pinterest and it didn’t have a link to the artist, but what excellent timing!  Hope this brings a smile to your face, even if you don’t have a camel to laugh with you.  Happy Friday Everyone!