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Wild West Virginia

As promised, I thought I would do a quick post about my family vacation to West Virginia.  This past weekend has been a wedding whirlwind but I wanted to share a few of these photos before I forgot!

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My brother Ben (he’s the one doing Orange Hat Comics, check out his website here) and my Sister-in-Law Julie have a dog named Maddie.  The thing about Maddie is she’s not really a  dog, she’s a person stuck in a dogs body.  Which I would think would be rather annoying, but she handles it well.  While on vacation (post on that soon to come)  I got the opportunity to photograph Maddie, and thought I would brush up on my pet photography skills.

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Friday Photo

Happy Friday Photo readers!!  I took this photo behind my parents house of the moon.  At the time it looked huge but I didn’t really have the equipment to have it show up right.  But I am happy with the result even though it’s different from what I imagined.  Besides, I stepped on a snake to get this photo.  You are welcome.  Happy Friday!

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Dish-o-the-Week: Nutella Pastries

It’s been awhile since I did a Dish-o-the-Week post so I thought it was about time.  This is a super simple recipe that I got from Pinterest.  However, I have been experimenting with different recipes using crescent rolls for a while.  But this is for sure one of my favorites, if you like Nutella, you will love this.

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Top 10 Pins 7.3.12

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post and it’s definitely been awhile since I did a Top 10 Pins!  Life has been hectic lately, I changed day jobs and am adjusting to that.  I will also be going on vacation next week, so posts may be a little spastic until I pick things back up after vacation.  Thanks for the patience and I hope you enjoy these Pins as much as I did!

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