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Top 10 Pins

It’s that time again!  Time for another Top 10 Pins!  Here’s what I’ve been oggling, drooling over, and dreaming about over the last couple weeks.  Be amazed, be very amazed…okay well maybe it’s not that great but they are fun things to think about.

1. So the photo above the jump is part of the website  Right now I am doing her 7 Day Arm Challenge and I must say, I’m pretty sore.  If you have a sec, check it out and maybe do a few triceps dips while you’re there.

2. I love love love the composition and colors in this photo.

3. I really like the detail in this tattoo and the placement.  Very nice.

4. Over night Oats.  These babies are awesome!  They have become my breakfast of choice.  They are packed full of good for you stuff and are very filling.  Check out this website for a variety of flavors.

5.  Le sigh.  I wish I was trendy.  And I wish I had this leather jacket.

6. Okay this is possibly my FAVORITE PHOTO OF ALL TIME!  Need I say more?  I mean beard….cat….awesome.

7.  My life is a hectic mess right now.  So once I get a thorough clean I’m going to try to stay on this schedule.  Fingers crossed.

8. Cake Batter Dip.  Who doesn’t need more cake batter in their lives?  1 rainbow cake mix, 1.5 c plain yogurt, 1 tub cool whip; serve with animal crackers. YUM!

9.  I’m not sure who did this photo, it was from a tumblr link, but I think this is just beautiful, creative, and unique.

10. And last but not least, I really love the posing in this photo.  It’s just a liiiittle bit different and I like that.


One thought on “Top 10 Pins

  1. The bride looks like the top of her wedding cake! What’s with boots on the bridesmaids these days? I’m going to check out the arm video! I think my favorite is the trees. Thanks for putting beauty into my life.

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