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Still Moments 8.14.13



Here is the next entry in my “Still Moments” series.  This series strives to capture those quiet everyday moments that evoke a sense of peace or stillness.  I love Queen Anne’s Lace.  Although it is more of a weed than a flower, it always means summer to me.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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Friday Photo

Happy Friday!  I’m really bad about doing posts on Fridays so I thought I would start a Friday Photo series.  Just a short post and a picture that I really like.  Some of these may be photos I have found on the internet, some may be mine that I like, or some may be mine that I ask for some critique on.  Who knows!  The photo above however, is not mine.  I wish it was.  This photo on Pinterest and was done by this person here.  Check out more of their photos, they have a lot of great ones!  I love the mood of this photo.  I love that you are looking at somethings small and detailed against something big.  And I especially love the way the colors are picked up in the dandelion.  Enjoy the photo and have a great weekend!

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Saturday Afternoon

After starting the day off at the Farmer’s Market, we decided that we couldn’t pass up such a beautiful day.  So we headed up into the mountains for a lovely drive and walking in some sunshine.

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Raintree Nursery

For the past two Christmas’ Speed Racer’s Aunt Laura gave us a gift certificate to Raintree Nursery.  This is a fantastic edible plant nursery based in Washington State.  You can check out their website or sign up for a catalog at  Our order came in a couple weeks ago and I finally got everything planted.  Several of our plants will take years to bear fruit, but they are still lovely.

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Ijams Nature Center

Now that it’s officially spring, I’ve been trying to be better about going out regularly and photographing.  It’s essential to every photographer to, well, practice!  My forte and love is portraiture, but it never hurts to go out into nature, be quiet, and observe the little details around me.  It helps me look at things in a different way, play around, discover new areas to take portraits in, and just work at my art.  Continue reading

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It’s the first day of spring and the flowers in my front beds are blooming.  This week they really just came up out of no where and opened up to the world.  I couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

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I Spy Something…

GREEN!!! Back in October my mother and I spent some time planting bulbs in my front flower beds.   And by my mother and I, I mean, my mother.  This was during the time that I had my tonsils removed, so I was in recovery.  I had a very important job though…I pointed where the flowers should go…yeah…important.  But I digress.  So all through the winter, I was worried they wouldn’t come up, and the beds looked all tucked and cozy but well…brown.

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