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Get Down with the Sickness

Hand Holding TissuesAh the fall season.  A time of cool evenings, leaves falling through the air, and the sound of coughing coming from my lungs that are on fire.  Don’t get me wrong I usually love fall, and I still do love fall…but not at this very moment.  I’ve got the plague, it’s official, my hubby gave it to me.  To his credit, he tried really really hard not to but apparently this one is unavoidable.  In fact, I have now spread the joy to a friend and am desperately trying not to give it to my coworkers.  They shun me.  I’m in my little corner, with my blanket (really seriously I have a blanket) and my bottle of lysol…spraying away.

So until this funk has a little less grasp on my cranium, post may be few and far between.  But never fear!  I have many to catch up on, anniversary photos, birthday, etc etc.  You’ll just have to wait and enjoy the anticipation.  Meanwhile, I’m going to go blow my nose.