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Heads up!


Attention all clients!  As you may have heard me say before, some big things are coming up for Runawayalice Photography!  The website,, will be under construction for the next couple weeks.  I ask that you bare with me during this process and stay tuned for exciting updates.  Client galleries and the blog will still be available!  If you have any questions about finding anything feel free to contact me or email me at  I am so excited to be sharing all these changes with you.

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Can you say, Suhweet?

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It’s official, I really do have THE coolest clients on the face of the planet. Sure, one of these clients is also my fabulous Cuz but still, really awesome!  This past weekend I was in Richmond, VA photographing Jonathan and Terri’s wedding (more on that soon!) and as a thank you gift they gave me this awesome necklace.  It’s a old camera and the lid comes off the top so you can hide things inside!  A camera with secrets, I like it!  It was done by Iluxo, check them out on Etsy.  By far my favorite thank you I’ve ever received from a client.  Thanks guys, and I can’t wait to get cracking on your wedding photos!