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Grace 3 Months

IMG_3550 fam


This is Grace, my Niece.  So full disclosure here, this post is going to be full of biased information about how this little girl is the cutest baby in the world etc etc.  That’s just how it is when you’re an Aunt.  Take it or leave it, she’s my favorite Niece (and my only Niece right now).

IMG_3508 fam


A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of flying up to visit my brother to photograph this cutie.  We had so much fun!  Not only was I able to capture a few photos of day to day life but we were able to head to Clifton Va for a photo session.

IMG_3440 fam


Clifton is a photographers little dream town.  It has cute cafe’s, railroad tracks, historic buildings, and an adorable little park right in the center of the downtown area.

IMG_3354 eleg


IMG_3520 eleg


IMG_3789 eleg


IMG_3249 bw


Grace is full of laughter and life.  She makes truly adorable faces: everything from full cheek smiles to the big lower lip pout.  I have a feeling she and I are going to have a lot of fun together.  Grace is also lucky to have two amazing and hard working parents.  My brother and sister in law have transitioned into parenting amazingly well, giving it all the love and passion they possess.  While visiting I was constantly amazed at their communication, team work, and patience.

After a quick nap for Grace, we headed back to the house to get a few final photos.

IMG_3754 eleg


Some in between picture love…

IMG_3764 fam


“Can you believe what they are making us do?  Crazy right? I KNOW!”

IMG_3824 fam


I call this her evil mastermind photo.  I can’t wait to get to know this kid more and watch her grow.  Thanks to my brother and Sister in law for letting me come up and being so supportive of what I do.  It was a really wonderful weekend that I will cherish.  Check out all the photos below for more cute pictures!


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