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Claire’s Senior Portraits

IMG_2472 eleg

Meet Claire: high school Senior, tennis player, outdoor lover, and secret super model.  This girl is GORGEOUS with a capital G.  Seriously, I’m suspicious she left out the “oh yeah by the way I model professionally” when we met.  But Claire’s beauty goes much deeper than the surface and I had a wonderful time getting to know her and her family better.

When first discussing where to do the shoot we batted several locations back and forth.  Cades Cove? A park? Botanical Gardens?  But each one didn’t quite seem to suit.  Claire’s Mom, Cheryl (who if I had a million dollars I would hire instantly to be my scouter, location finder, and business manager extraordinaire because she is fantastic) mentioned that her brother had recently bought a piece of land that he was turning into a small farm.  We went, we saw, we loved.  It has everything from meadow, to pond, to woods, to cool old barn, to cool old door!  What’s not to love?

IMG_2290 bw

After a couple rescheduling issues due to rain (have you noticed it rained a tiny bit this summer?) the big day finally arrived!  We were a little worried it would rain again but charged out anyway.  Although the sun really never peaked out until the very end it was still perfect.  It wasn’t too hot, the bugs weren’t bad, and the diffused lighting worked out perfectly.

IMG_2392 fam

I also have to give a big shout of thanks to Claire’s Uncle and Dad!  They did everything from clear land, hold props up in pictures, transport, and set up a changing room.  Seriously it was like having my own team, and I loved it!  I may have to hire the whole Norman family one day.

IMG_2442 fam

As for Claire, you were awesome and rocked it girl.  I seriously couldn’t have asked for more.  She willingly walked in a creek, laid on the ground, walked through some major thorn bushes, twirled around, and did all the quirky things I asked without a single complaint.  It was fabulous and I think the pictures reflect our comfort with each other.  Not many people can pull off stunning with just mascara on and she looks great!

IMG_2170 eleg

Have I mentioned that I have really amazing clients?  No?  Well I have really amazing clients.  Thanks to the whole Norman family (grandma included) for all the help and all the fun!  You were fantastic.  Check out the gallery below for more photos from the session.


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