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Camp Wilkins 2013


In the post The St. Clairs I mentioned that I was in Lexington, Va to see my new niece and nephew!  So the time has finally come to show these two cuties off.  I was in Lexington for several days and while I was there it was my goal to not only get some pictures of these new babies in my life, but also just photograph the surrounding area.

IMG_9183 vint

That being said the photos from that week are a mix of everyday life, the surrounding area, and well…really cute babies.  It was hard not to just photograph the babies 24/7 but you know, I showed restraint.

IMG_9135 eleg

IMG_9134 eleg

Meet Grace Elizabeth!

IMG_9141 fam

And Wyatt Michael!


We had a really great week just catching up, playing croquet, and switching out baby duties.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do!  Feel free to let out all the sighs and cute noises you must, I won’t blame you.


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