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Mr. John Edds 88th Birthday Party

IMG_0113 bw

I’m a big fan of birthdays.  Ask anybody!  Whether it’s my birthday (which just happens to be particularly awesome) or someone else’s birthday, I love the opportunity to celebrate another year of life.  So when I was asked to celebrate John Edds 88th surprise birthday party, I jumped at the chance.



It’s not every day that someone turns 88 and it’s not every day that they get a surprise party!  All the family had gathered together to celebrate John’s birthday.  Since he can’t travel far, the grandkids cleaned out the basement of his house and decorated it.  It made the surprise even better since it happened right under his nose.

IMG_0030 bw

As his grand children Kristin and Daniel showed up to “take him out to dinner,” he got spruced up while the rest of us hid in the basement, and completed the finishing touches including setting up the Dead End BBQ that had been catered.  (Surprise birthday AND BBQ?? Why can’t that happen everyday??)

IMG_0035 bw

IMG_0042 bwI don’t think it really sunk in until John sat down in the basement and really realized what was going on.  It was so touching to watch him talk to old friends and family, to tell stories, to blow out his candles, and to declare loudly that this was, “the best birthday I’ve ever had.”  What a wonderful gift and moment to celebrate.

IMG_0074 eleg

Happy Birthday Mr. John Edds!  Thanks to the Edds family for letting me be a part of such a wonderful and happy occasion.  It was one of the best birthday parties I have been too.  May we all be blessed with a chance to feel the love and warmth of our family.  See the gallery below for more photos and details from the party.


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