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The St Clairs

IMG_9448 fam


When I was taking a short vacation to my hometown of Lexington, VA to visit my new Niece and Nephew (more on that later!) I had the pleasure of taking some family portraits for my long time friends the St. Clairs.  I was especially thrilled to get to take some photos of their daughter, Addison right before her 1st birthday.  It’s such a special time and we had a blast.

IMG_9467 fam


This girl is a ham I tell you.  She was working the crowd the entire time we were all together.  Addison is already a sweet and caring child who reflects both her parents characteristics.  Matt and Jacque are some the nicest and most genuine people I know.  How could they not make fabulous parents?

IMG_9629 vint


We lucked out an were able to use a friends farm for the photo shoot.  It was the perfect location!  Quiet, secluded, and GORGEOUS.  Not to mention it is a place we have all gathered as friends over the years.  It meant a lot to be there and to see the next generation enjoying the space as well.  Space, yes, bugs, no.

IMG_9406 fam


IMG_9605 fam


IMG_9934 eleg


IMG_9968 rcp


We even made it down to the river right at the end of the shoot.  The lighting was so much fun!  Addison survived a pretty long shoot for a almost one year old and was a wonderful sport with outfit changes and us plopping her down in the dirt.

IMG_9803 fam


“What else is there to say?!  I’m adorable…”  Okay, enough talking for the child….

A big thanks to my friend Bailey for letting us use her farm and also becoming my impromptu assistant for the day!  An equally big thank you to Matt and Jacque for always supporting me in all I do with your love and friendship.  I can’t wait to get to know your beautiful daughter and am blessed to know your family.



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