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Lily’s Six Month

IMG_8588 fam

You may remember Lily from a few months ago when we met up to do her three month photo shoot.  She has grown so much since then and is becoming quite the little lady!  We all met up at the Grist Mill in Norris on a Sunday morning to take some photos of the lovely Lily.

IMG_8637 fam

I was so glad we chose the Grist Mill because there was a downpour in the middle of our shoot!!  We lucked out and ran into the barn and were able to continue to get some great shots of this cutie.  Side note: the above photo is not posed, at least not by me.  All we did was lay Lily on her belly and this is the pose she decided fit her best.  How adorable is that?  Go ahead, smile and let all the “aw’s” out.  I won’t tell.

Thank you so much once again to Freddie and Lindsey for sharing your beautiful daughter with me (and hanging out in the rain!)!  I had so much fun and she is so sweet.  I can’t wait to capture other milestones as she continues to grow.


IMG_8392 fam


IMG_8793 fam

IMG_8933 fam

IMG_8524 bw

IMG_8451 fam


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