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Still Moments

IMG_8367 copy

I have been very conscious lately of still moments.  Those moments where you walk into a room and everything is silent, almost preserved.  It’s times like those that I feel like I just walked into a movie or a photograph.  Sometimes it’s just because it’s absent of people, sometimes it’s just the way that the light is playing on the walls, and sometimes I have no idea why.  But lately those moments just feel like they are everywhere.  So I am making a more conscious effort to prepare for them and capture them.  Some of them seem silly, like the one above.  What’s so special about a shower?  But for some reason this is how I saw it.  The light just barely illuminating the fixtures, and the contrasts of the light and dark.  Sometimes it doesn’t translate into anything much and sometime it’s just for me to say, “Yep, I caught that one.”  But I can’t help thinking that if I pay attention enough times, I may capture a spectacular moment.


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