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Bathroom Redo: An Update



It’s time for another Episode of, “The Awesome Grout Renew!”  This past weekend I decided it was time to tackle the shower with the Grout Renew and see how everything turned out.  So Sunday morning I started on the shower with gusto.



Alright, so this is our shower before the Grout Renew.  As you can see especially in the left corner, the mold behind the grout that I was talking about here is very evident.  Believe it or not, this is after I scrubbed the shower the night before.  SCRUBBED.





And some close ups to gross you out…



Don’t worry the gross shade is being annihilated at some point as well.  So as you can see, it’s pretty bad.  I didn’t have super high hopes about how much the renew would cover when I first got started especially in that problem corner.  But I figured something is better than nothing.



Ta-da!  So there are still some areas that are not 100%.  Mainly those are the areas that have caulk and not grout.  The grout renew is not caulk renew so it doesn’t paint over it super great.



However, it’s still a huge difference and much better than it was before.  I’m impressed and excited for the change.



The Grout Renew has to dry for a 24 hour period so no shower here for a bit.  I may attempt a second coat in the corners just to see if we can add a little more coverage, but I’m still happy with the progress we have made.  Thanks for sharing in the update and stay tuned for updates on the mirror and cabinet!


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