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Bathroom Redo: A Start


There are some days that I just get my panties in a wad.  Yep, it happens.  And Sunday was one of those days.  The rain hadn’t stopped pouring all morning and it had been raining since Thursday.  As another torrent berated the roof, I thought to myself, “I MUST DO SOMETHING.”


This dear friends is where I get honest and unashamed.  Well, maybe a little ashamed but yeah.   I am going to share pictures of our bathroom.  Yep, I said it.  As some of you know, we are currently remodeling Zach’s Grandfather’s house that we bought when we moved to Knoxville.  A lot has changed in the almost five years that we have lived here but the bathroom is one of the few things that has remained pretty much the same.

Sunday I decided…that all needed to change.  We have plans to completely gut and remodel the bathroom.  It needs it.  But that is a little far down on the list right now.  Right now we are focusing on finishing the living room and we are dedicated to not attacking too many rooms in the house at once.  However, that doesn’t mean it can’t get a little TLC in the meantime.  I decided it was a perfect time to try out some of my skills and if it looked worse in the end, well, we are taking it all down anyways.


Let me introduce you to victim A: the gross old out dated tile.  It has bothered me for years, especially in the shower.  We have the problem that, if you will peruse the interwebs, many people have.  We’ve got mold behind our grout.  There’s no cleaning it, NONE!  You can scrub until your knuckles bleed and it still won’t matter.  However I have hope compadres!  Enter “Polyblend Grout Renew” to the rescue.  It’s a paint for your grout.


I give you exhibit A.  Gross grout on the left, new painted grout on the left.  I went with the color “snow white” so that it would still blend in with the faded tile.


Here is a finished shot and the tile looks, well like normal tile with normal grout!  The Grout Renew was super easy to use and actually went pretty quickly.  All you need is the bottle, a toothbrush, and lots of paper towels.  I poured a little amount into the bottle cap, dipped my toothbrush in it and scrubbed the grout.  After that just wipe away the excess before it dries and you’re good to go!  It does need to dry for 24 hours however so I did not tackle the shower as of yet.  But it’s time is a comin’.  Also above you will see Victim B: Golden Awesome Mirror.


Golden Awesome Mirror is also getting a redo in some high gloss white paint. I bought a small brush for all the nooks and crannies and went to town.  The mirror is a cabinet and divided into three sections.  Section 1 is complete, only two more to go.



And finally Victim C: Gross Faded Cabinet.  It may look a little “shabby chic” in the photo but it’s extremely faded and not good looking in person. So it will also get a coat of white paint and possibly some new handles, not sure yet.

All in all it was a good start to making things a little better.  There’s not much I can do about the peeling wall paper and the old floor until we’re ready to redo it all but I think all of this will help in the mean time.  Stay tuned for me tackling the cabinet, the mirror, and crying like a small child when the shower is done.


2 thoughts on “Bathroom Redo: A Start

  1. lookin good! 🙂 little touches really can make a LOT of difference 🙂 (and doing them just makes you feel good!)

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