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Pie #1: Peaches and Blueberry with a Cobbler Topping


As some of you may recall I am attempting a Great Pie Experiment.  What better day to get experimenting with a summer fruit pie than the 4th of July?  I was looking for something sweet but summery that I could share with others to celebrate our nations birthday.  After flipping through the pages of Ken Haedrich’s Pie Book for awhile I came across this recipe for Peach and Blueberry pie with a Cobbler Topping.  It sounded perfect, and better yet, I had all the ingredients.

Before we go any further let me reiterate that I am not getting paid to review or talk about this book.  A friend had it and loved it, so I thought I would give it a try.  I am in no way shape or form claiming these recipes as my own, just trying them out and giving tips along the way.  It’s all for funsies folks, so let’s continue.


Mmmm doesn’t that just look amazing?  For starters, definitely read the section in the beginning explaining the different “things to know” in the book.  Super helpful and although I am usually tempted to skip sections like that, turns out the author did put them there for a reason.  He gave excellent tips on the homemade crust recipes in particular.  I’ve done homemade crusts before and I was like, “I’ve go this.”  But there is a lot I don’t know about crusts apparently.  The crust in the picture above is my second attempt and I thought it turned out pretty well.  I do love that Haedrich doesn’t turn his nose up at store bought crusts.  He actually gives you a bunch of tips on using those as well.  I dig it.

A couple notes on the above pie.  It was well received by all and my not really impartial judges gave it two thumbs up.   However I thought a few changes could have been made. #1 Should have gotten better fruit.  Summer fruit pies are well, all about the FRUIT.  However, the fruit I had picked up turned out just not stellar.  So next time, hitting up the farmers market or the fruit stand.  #2 The recipe calls for a little bit of nutmeg and for some reason I was craving just a tad more in there.  #3 If a pie has a cobbler topping, is it a cobbler or is it a Pie?  Deep words to ponder this morning.  Maybe it’s a Pobbler?

All in all I really enjoyed making this first pie and feel like I have a better handle on the basic crust recipe.  Would I make it again, absolutely!  And probably will with better ingredients.  Stay tuned for the next pie!



2 thoughts on “Pie #1: Peaches and Blueberry with a Cobbler Topping

  1. it WAS yummy “mom”!!! We were so blessed that Beth chose to bring it to our house! 🙂 Hope we can be part of the next experiment!! 🙂 And the pie looks awesome on your J23 butcher block table, btw 🙂

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