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Smith Family

IMG_7893 vint

Meet the Smith Family! Ryan, Tiffany, Avery and Camden.  You may recognize those two adorable kiddos from last year.  They have grown up quite a bit!  But still as adorable as ever.

IMG_7868 seven

Family photos are some of my favorite photo shoots.  They are just so much fun!  I mean maybe it’s because I get an excuse to build and play in tents, or play with stuffed animals, or jump around like a crazy person…but hey, that’s just me.  Everyone was such a good sport and put up with me asking them to traipse around while it was hot and buggy.

IMG_7660 seven

Avery has grown since last year and is still such a beautiful little girl with her blue green eyes.  She loves her little stuffed animal dog named “Lila,” and walking around in her cowboy boots.  Camden has grown up so fast!  Seems like a blink of an eye but he’s still adorable with those deep blue eyes.  He loves planes, flowers, and his sister (you can tell).  These kids are a trip and it’s obvious how much Ryan and Tiffany love them.

IMG_7720 seven

Thanks to the Smith Family for all the smiles and fun!  You are such a beautiful family and I loved being part of that for a day.  For more fun and adorable photos from that day check out the gallery below!


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