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Kirk and Cori

IMG_6778 flowers

Kirk and Cori are Engaged!  We met up in the evening at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens for the shoot.  It was a perfect evening (all though a little hot)!  Kirk and Cori are so cute together, well, if you don’t take my word for it, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

IMG_6815 seven

Kirk and Cori are officially my clients that have driven the farthest to get their photos taken.  They came all the way from Michigan!  Kirk is the brother of my friend (and client) Angela and decided while they were down visiting for the weekend to do an engagement shoot with me!  I was so excited and flattered.

IMG_7240 seven

Kirk and Cori met while in college in Florida.  It is obvious how in love they are!  They look fabulous together.  We had a lot of fun doing a variety of shots from field photos, to gardens, to some photos with Speed Racers 78 Scout Terra.  Kirk and Cori were both really into it and we had a blast!  Congrats Kirk and Cori!  I know you two will have a wonderful life together.  Good luck on the next couple months of wedding planning, I know it will be beautiful.


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