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Macey’s Six Month Portraits


It’s hard to believe that this little bug used to be so small!  Macey is officially 6 months old and I had the pleasure of photographing her once again.


Can you believe that look?  Too cute.  We met up on a beautiful spring afternoon after having to reschedule a couple times due to weather.  Unfortunately it’s been a pretty wet spring here in East Tennessee.  But we found a day that worked out perfectly.


Angela came prepared with a bunch of really great ideas!  Which made my job pretty easy.  Happy baby, creative Momma, willing Dad?  What’s not to love?

IMG_5620 seve

Macey definitely takes after her Daddy.  Seeing them together is almost too much to take.  Go ahead, let out all the “awwws” you like.  Your secret is safe with me.

IMG_5711 bw

IMG_5545 seven

IMG_6024 bw

Happy Six Months Macey!  You’re growing bigger every day!  Thanks to Dustin and Angela for letting document all the different stages of Macey’s life.  She is so sweet and I know you two are holding on to this precious time.  See more photos of our session below!


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