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Rocky Hill Open House Pet Portraits


Whoever says that pets don’t have personalities or souls clearly hasn’t worked with animals very much.  Pet portraits are definitely some of the most challenging portraits I have done but also some of the most rewarding.  Every time I do them I am reminded how amazing these animals are and really strive to capture those unique personalities.  You can’t help but see it in their eyes.  So, I thought why not start the week out with some adorable pets.  Definitely will help get the Monday started off right.

IMG_6043 seven

Meet Rocky.  This lovable goofball is Rocky Hill Animal Clinic’s “mascot” if you will.  He’s a great dane and amazingly sweet.  Amazingly sweet and also very deaf.  He gets along just fine and you can sign to him, but if he decides not to listen that day, well he just looks at the ceiling or generally anywhere but at you.


Say WHAT??  Okay that’s what goes through my mind every time I see this picture.  But I digress.  Animals like Rocky are just some of the many ways that Rocky Hill Animal Clinic helps those fury companions of ours.  They are a fantastic clinic full of people that truly care about your pets and you.  And no, I don’t work for them or anything, I just really appreciate what they do.

IMG_6092 vint

I was however really excited that they let me come be apart of the annual open house this year.  It was a blast despite of the rain!  It’s always fun to see all the pet lovers and pets that come to visit and enjoy the fun.

IMG_6338 seven

IMG_6195 bw


A big thank you to all the staff at Rocky Hill for not only letting me come and do the pet portraits this year but for helping me set up, and always being around to help pose pets.  I couldn’t have done it with out you!  And of course thank you to all the pet parents for subjecting their fury loved ones to the camera.  Everyone survived I think and came out with a few extra treats that day!  Check out the gallery below for a few more portraits!


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