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Ben and Julie + 1


That’s right, pretty soon you’ll be meeting Baby Awesome.  Meet my brother and Sister in Law, Ben and Julie.  In June I will officially be an Aunt (actually twice, my other brother and sister in law are expecting too!)  Ben and Julie decided to leave the sex of the baby a surprise so right now, we just know that it’s baby awesome.  So to celebrate, we headed back to where Ben and Julie met, the University of Virginia for some great pictures!


We lucked out with probably the first gorgeous weekend of Spring.  It was cool but warm enough to be comfortable, and the sun was shining like it hadn’t done in months.  Flowers were starting to bloom and we traipsed around campus enjoying the sun and stopping for some photo ops.

IMG_2351 ae

We were even able to stop at the chapel where Ben and Julie got married!  It was cool to see them taking this next big step.

IMG_2387 ae


IMG_2359 bw

IMG_2524 alice

IMG_2505 bw

IMG_2508 bw

IMG_2491 vint bw

After we had sufficiently covered the Rotunda and the surround grounds (and stopped for an ice cream break), we headed back to my parents house  in Lexington, VA for some casual pictures.

IMG_2804 seven

IMG_2810 vint

IMG_2752 bw

IMG_2799 vint bw

I had a little bit of a crazy idea, and Julie agreed to try some different and fun pictures with me.  I think they turned out great!  We were going for different and haunting.

IMG_2882 seven

IMG_2867 seven

Overall I think the shoot went really well.  Thanks to Ben and Julie for being such wonderful subjects and having fun with me.  I can’t wait to meet my new niece/nephew!  Ben, you are going to make a wonderful and caring father.  Julie, you are stunning and gorgeous, and are going to make a fantastic mother.  Thanks again for the wonderful weekend!  See more pictures below!


2 thoughts on “Ben and Julie + 1

  1. Beth, you are so very talented! I love the picture of your brother and sister-in-law under the tree – Simply Beautiful !!! And in front of the church at the door .. priceless 🙂 Congrats on another awesome shoot!

  2. Absolutely fabulous pictures. My favorite is the one on the steps, but they are all good. I hope Ben and Julie are happy with them because they should be! Can’t wait to see this little grandbaby!

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