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Clarkson the Hedgehog


I have to admit when one of my best friends Kristin told me she was thinking about getting a hedgehog, I had my doubts.  It wasn’t that I didn’t think Kristin needed a Hedgehog or that her reasoning wasn’t sound, it was that I knew nothing about them. How do you play with them?  What do they need?  Are they personable?  Are they really all that cute?  Answer, especially to the last question is, OH  YES.

clarkson15Clarkson the hedgehog is possibly the most adorable critter I have ever met.  He likes to curl up, he’s fast, he has cute little beady eyes, he snuffles, and he has a wicked hairdo.

clarkson14Even Speed Racer had his doubts when I told him about Kristin’s up and coming purchase, but as soon as he saw this little guy, he was pretty smitten.





I was amazed at how personable he was.  After a little bit he had no problem crawling around on everyone and not rolling into a ball at every sound.  He scurried around and sniffed to his hearts content.






Even the cats got a good look at him.  I was also surprised at how little they tried to bug him.  I guess there’s something about those quills that say, “Don’t touch.”  They were very interested and were determined to keep an eye on him, but they didn’t really pester him.



clarkson01So conclusion.  Do I know all there is to know about Hedgehogs, certainly not, but I am one step closer to learning a lot about them.  This little guy is the perfect addition to Kristin’s furball family and I think they will all really enjoy him.  Am I ready to get my own hedgehog?  Certainly not.  Am I ready to play with Clarkson everyday of the week?  Absolutely. 


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