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Goat Therapy


The post today is a bit of a personal one.  I may even divulge some of my deepest and darkest secrets.  That’s right faithful readers, I’m opening my heart to you.  Whatever you do, don’t judge me.  We’re about to go into a sector I like to call, Goat Therapy.


So to enter “goat therapy” you must first know why I in fact need goat therapy.  Let’s flash back to when I was very young, probably around 4 or 5.  We were at a petting zoo and I thought it would be great to feed the goats.  There I was, cute, chubby, holding a bucket of feed.  And as my Dad turned to help my brother with his bucket they struck, lightning fast with speed that only the demon possessed can have.  I was swarmed and clearly scarred for life.

Too much drama?

Okay, so it wasn’t that bad.  But being about 3 foot tall and having very greedy hungry goats come at you is a little discomforting.  I didn’t hate goats but they did make me uncomfortable.  In comes Speed Racer.


Some friends of the family invited us to go to a goat farm (owned by their friends) to see the kids (ie baby goats).  Several kids had just been born and Speed Racer thought some goat therapy would help my “aversion.”  I agreed to give it a try only if Speed Racer agreed to punt any swarming goats.  One pinky swear and we were on our way.


I have to admit I was a little worried at first.



But the more you look at these cute little kids…




The more my cold cold heart started to melt, just a little bit.


I mean look at that tiny little face.  I gave in. I was helpless to the sweetness.





Even Speed Racer was taken in.  Especially this cute little black striped one.





This little goat was practicing jumping up on his Mom’s back, just happened to be his human Mom.


This little goat liked to chew on bells.


And these little goats liked to eat grass.  Lots and lots of grass.  Oh, maybe that was the three little pigs?  Not sure, sounds familiar.


So it’s official.  The Goat therapy worked.  I absolutely fell in love with these baby goats.  They were heartbreakingly adorable.  The bigger ones were still weird, and I have to admit I didn’t get around a lot of them.  But I did pet one or two.  I’m not going to own any yet but it was a first step down the long road of goat therapy.


3 thoughts on “Goat Therapy

  1. I think you were three. Whatever age it was those goats were as big as you were! I have never been fond of goats myself, but these pictures really win you over. What cuties! If only goats would limit themselves to grass and not everything in sight!

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