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Meeting Baby Zachary

Meet Baby Zachary!  This beautiful baby boy was just a little over two weeks old when I photographed him.  He’s pretty big for his age, weighing in a little over 9lbs when he was born.  He is a very happy baby and a very great model.

Of course baby models are best when they are asleep.  Baby Zachary looks a lot like his Dad right now but I have a feeling he’s going to end up having his Mom’s eyes.  This kid will be a lady killer with baby blues.  Jason and Brittany are fantastic parents and handling the first few weeks of no sleep like champs.

I absolutely love the nursery they have set up.  It’s all neutral tones with a beautiful tree decal on the back wall complete with leaves, birds, and a squirrel.  It gave the room a great look so we actually ended up spending most of our time in there during the session.  We lucked out that it also happened to be the room with the most light!

Thank you to Jason, Brittany, and baby Zachary for inviting me into your home.  You have a beautiful family!  Zachary will be dear to everyone’s hearts, you can tell already.  I can’t wait to watch him grow.


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