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Redskins Game

The weekend of September 23rd (also my birthday weekend), me and my family headed up to Washington D.C. for a little family time and some fun.  We were celebrating both my birthday and my oldest brother’s 30th (a few months late) but going to a Redskins game!  Now, I am not going to fight football with anyone.  If you like Redskins, awesome, if you don’t, that’s fine too, but everyone should go to a pro game once in their life just for the experience.  It’s a ton of fun.

We did a lot of really fun things that weekend including driving up in my birthday present (but more on that later).  There was cake (the most awesome red velvet cake you’ve ever had), presents, music, family, fun, and the game!

So we may have lost that game.  BUT that’s not really why we went.  We went to be together, to be swept up in something together, and to just enjoy the company.

Even interesting company…

It was a really awesome game but it was an even more awesome birthday weekend.  I am a big birthday person and I’m even more of a family person, so the two on the same day, can’t be beat.  Thank you to my family for such an amazing weekend, I love you all.


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