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Charley and Danny

On September 2nd I had the awesome privileged to photography Charley and Danny’s wedding.  This wedding was a ton of fun.  Gorgeous couple, fun bridal party, big family, a little vintage, and of course some Vols Orange.

What was not to love?  I met Charley at a previous job we worked at together.  She’s the type of girl you know you’re going to love right away.  She beautiful, intelligent, fun, has a wonderful smile, and always up beat.  And while I didn’t really know Danny, I had heard a lot about him.  I knew the things he had done for Charley and the way he makes her feel and that was enough for me.

The ceremony was held at St. John XXIII, also the Catholic Campus Student Center.  And it was PACKED.  It was really amazing to see so many friends and family members out to support these two.

After the ceremony we headed over to the stadium for some quick shots before the wedding party ran off to the reception.  We were hoping for an open gate, but no such luck, so we had to settle for some shots out front.

There was something very specific that Father Charlie said during the ceremony that stuck with me.  That you two have a magic about you.  Your love is contagious.  Just being near you brings others together.  You can literally feel the love radiating and shining from the both of you, and that is unbelievably beautiful.  Thanks to both of you for letting be part of that beauty and capture some of it.  Thanks to my lovely assistant Kristin for helping me out that day, couldn’t have done it without you!  Check out the gallery below for more photos from that awesome day!


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