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Our trip to Colorado started very very early in the morning.  As you can see.  But I was very excited to be going and to finally be going on a trip with Speed Racer!  It was worth the early morning wake up call.

Our trip to Colorado was a little bit of business and a little bit of pleasure.  Speed Racer and I were invited to Flyin’ Miata’s Summer Camp.  A year ago Speed Racer had the awesome opportunity to race with Flyin’ Miata in Targa Newfoundland.  So at this Summer Camp they were releasing the documentary they filmed at the race called, “Racing the Rock,” filmed and edited by Adam and Tracy Costa.

So into the desert we went to have lots of fun.  And fun we had.

In between racing Miatas, eating at a Sonic Cruise In, and going for scenic drives, we got to meet and hang out with some pretty awesome people.

We also go to go to the premiere of a really awesome movie.  And I just happen to know one of the stars!  I have to say it was pretty crazy seeing Speed Racer sign autographs.

Our amazing film makers!

It was my first time out west and I have to say I fell in love just a little bit.  I was constantly amazed at the variety of textures and landscapes.

Basically it was an awesome trip.  I have so many more pictures to share that we may have to do a second post.  But I hope you enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed Colorado.  Hopefully we will make it out for another trip next year.


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