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My brother Ben (he’s the one doing Orange Hat Comics, check out his website here) and my Sister-in-Law Julie have a dog named Maddie.  The thing about Maddie is she’s not really a  dog, she’s a person stuck in a dogs body.  Which I would think would be rather annoying, but she handles it well.  While on vacation (post on that soon to come)  I got the opportunity to photograph Maddie, and thought I would brush up on my pet photography skills.

I caught her looking out the window on the couch and it just captured me.  She was so captivated and so….human?  Since I have started photographing pets the sheer variety of their personalities has blown me away.  From sweet and cuddly, to daring, to out right goofball, I’ve seen them all.

If you have ever read the book, “The Art of Racing in the Rain,” you will understand when I say she reminds me of the main character.  If not, then I highly recommend it.  It’s a good read.  She is an incredibly sweet dog and I couldn’t help but share her photos.  Thanks to Ben and Julie for letting me photograph her.



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