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Top 10 Pins 7.3.12

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post and it’s definitely been awhile since I did a Top 10 Pins!  Life has been hectic lately, I changed day jobs and am adjusting to that.  I will also be going on vacation next week, so posts may be a little spastic until I pick things back up after vacation.  Thanks for the patience and I hope you enjoy these Pins as much as I did!

1. I’ve just gotten into Instagram and am getting my feet wet.  It seems really fun and a great way to inspire.  This website will take your instagram photos and make them into magnets!  Can we say Christmas gifts?

2. My latest obsession is avocado.  Actually, I’m pretty obsessed with it all the time.  I just can’t get enough.  This sandwich looks like the perfect lunch mate though.

3. Love this up-do.  Simple, fun, and a little different.  Perfect summer style.

4.  I’m not a huge generational photo person, just because I usually think they turn out corny.  But I thought this one was really neat and classy.  I really like the composition and the photo effects.  Unfortunately, the link on Pinterest didn’t take me to a real website so no way to give photo credit.

5.  Too funny! Love this photo.  I think this is a great idea, and really cute.  What a great group of girls to be up for posing like this.  Again, no way to photo credit, but you rock whoever you are.  I dig your style.

6. I need this in my life.  I have bobby pins EVERYWHERE.

7.  I also need this in my life.  Bali/Indonesian…you rock.

8.  This is a positively gorgeous photo.  Horsetail fall at sunset in Yosemite. Photo by Michael Frye.

9.  You know how I’ve been posting all those baby shower pictures?  Well watch out preggo friends, this gift is coming for  YOU.

10. Love the lighting and retro feel to this, simply elegant.  Photo by by Perla Maarek.

Well there you go folks, hope some of that inspired you or at least made you laugh for a bit.  Enjoy the week!


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