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Kelly’s Bridal Shower

This is one of my best friends Kelly, you may remember her from this post.  Her wedding is quickly approaching, so this past weekend I had the pleasure of co-hosting her shower with four other bridesmaids.  It was held in the fellowship hall of our church and I have to say that we did an excellent job!

The shower was simply beautiful which is pretty impressive considering it was a result of five different ladies planning from five different states, none of which were the state that the shower was held in.  It was a solid team effort and it really paid off.  Everything was just lovely from the food, to the flowers, to the games, to the favors.

The games were really fun and we had a seriously competitive bunch, which made it tons of fun.

We also spent just a wee bit of time opening presents….you know a meager hour or two.

I really had a wonderful time and it was so great to meet some of the other girls before the wedding!  Becca, Katie, Erin, Jamie, it was so awesome to get to know you girls, I think we’re going to have a great time.  Thanks for all the hard work and helping out, you ladies did a wonderful job.  Kelly, I hope you enjoyed the shower, the best part was getting to celebrate what a wonderful person you are and this exciting time in your life!


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