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Lydia and Bradley

Lydia and Bradley are expecting a new bundle of joy right around the corner.  Baby Isaac will make his premier debut in mid July but before  we welcome Isaac into the world we decided to get some fantastic maternity shots in.  Lydia already had a vision of what she wanted including a gorgeous vintage outfit that was right up my alley.  So we headed over to the Knoxville Botanical Gardens for a lovely evening of fun, smooching (they did the smooching not me), and photography.

Bradley and Lydia were so much fun to work with!  They were up for anything and are just a beautiful couple.  The Botanical Gardens offered a variety of locations and textures which were really fun to play around with.

Is she not one of the most beautiful mama’s you’ve ever seen?  Simply gorgeous.

Lydia and Bradley, you two are going to make wonderful parents.  I cannot wait to meet baby Isaac in August when we do his newborn shoot!  I am really thrilled with how these photos turned out and we had such a lovely day.  Thanks again.


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