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Banoe 2012

Every June for the past three years, Speed Racer and I have gotten together with our high school friends.  The guys get all the credit.  It started with Speed Racer’s bachelor party and a rowdy canoe trip down the river.  Thus, a tradition was born and it’s one I can’t live without.

This year I was struck with how rare it is for a group of people to not only still know each other from high school but to still get together and to still be incredibly close.  It amazes me that all the new additions to the group, wives, girl friends, or just friends from college fit right in.  These are the people that I am always thinking of, the people that we talk to first in times of trouble or joy, these are the people that I know will be there for us, no matter what.  Looking through a few of the quick snaps shots I got over the weekend this is by far my favorite.  Just us, sitting around the fire in our favorite spot, laughing, catching up, with the whole universe at our finger tips.




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