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Stephen and Kelly

A little while ago I had the awesome pleasure of doing some engagement portraits for one of my best friends (and twin! not really but we act the same) Kelly.  I went back to my old stomping grounds of Lexington, VA and we headed all over town for an epic photo shoot!

Kelly and Stephen's Engagement Portraits

Kelly and Stephen's Engagement Portraits

We lucked out with an absolutely beautiful day!  Couldn’t have been better weather.  Kelly and Stephen were troopers and kept up the enthusiasm (and kissing) as we went from place to place.  I think the pictures turned out gorgeous and how could they not with such a lovely couple?  Kelly and Stephen thank you so so much for letting me do your engagement portraits and for including me in such a special moment in your lives.  I’m am very excited for the wedding.  Check out the gallery below for a better view of the entire session!


3 thoughts on “Stephen and Kelly

  1. These are great! I especially like all the ones with the BRP views as well as the b/w where she is looking straight at the camera. Fabulous!

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