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Look who’s Two!

Look who’s Two!  Cute, adorable, all boy, Mr. Weston, that’s who’s two.  Weston’s Mom contacted me a few weeks ago because Weston actually just turned three (happy birthday!).  So before the birthday boy’s big day his Mom wanted a few pictures of age two.  We went and had a lot of fun and of course big sister Kailei had to step in for a few extra adorable pictures.

Weston is mainly into one thing right now.  TRUCKS.  When he’s not making truck noises he’s making Camero noises.  So we headed out in search of an old truck to play around on.  I knew of this old truck at the UT Gardens and it gave us plenty of room to run and play.  We had a lot of fun, even if it was still a little chilly.  Check out the rest of the photos of these beautiful babes and let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Look who’s Two!

  1. You really do have a gift for protraiture. I think my favorite is the last one, but the combination of Kalie and the tree branches is phenomenal.

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