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People Pictures: Exercise 3

In Exercise 3 of Chris Orwig’s, “People Pictures,” we explore finding your style.  This sounds really easy up front, but it’s actually very hard to vocalize what your style is.  I once again definitely suggest checking out this book.  It’s been really fun and helpful to explore.

“Style has no formula, but it has a secret key.  It is the extension of your personality.”-Ernst Haas

Style is often hard to express for yourself but it’s pretty easy to recognize in others.  Orwig gives several smaller exercises to help you learn to talk about style and eventually recognize your own.

1. 25 objects-Orwig asks you to take 15 minutes and write without stop about things you like the most.  Things like, mountains, tents, ocean, flip flops, sand, flowers, sunshine etc.  Then write about why you like them.  For example: I like mountains because they feel like home, they stand the test of time and make the landscape seem less empty.

2. Seasonal Colors-Orwig challenges us to choose colors we associate with the different seasons.  Then write about how each makes you feel and then choose which ones that describe your style best.

3. Weather-write about some of your favorite weather conditions.  After that choose which one you would pick for your ideal photo shoot to create the emotion and mood that you like best.

4. Music-What music would you choose (any in the world or time) to accompany your photographs?

5. Food-Take 15 minutes to talk about the photographic style you would like to have and compare it to food.  Is it rich and sweet like creme bruele?  Is it simple and colorful and tangy like Key Lime pie?  Write your thoughts down and discuss it with some colleagues.

Basically it’s not easy to know what your style is and you can always work towards changing your style to one that you appreciate.  That’s the great thing about style, it’s whatever you want it to be and can just be an extension of your personality.

P.S.  Thanks to the lovely Miss Bella for being my model 🙂


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