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Abram’s Falls

Last Friday I spent the morning at Cades Cove hiking Abram’s Falls.  It was the perfect day for a hike, not too cold, not too hot.  The day started out pretty cloudy but the sun came out by the end.  Nothing better than getting out of the office on friday morning and going for a hike.  Abram’s Creek is the largest stream inside the park.  And it is this stream that not only creates Abram’s Falls but follows the hiking path to the falls.  Both were named for Cherokee Chief Abram.  He lived in the village of Chilhowee at the mouth of Abrams Creek on the Little Tennesse River.  Unfortunately this historic village is now beneath the waters of Chilhowee Lake.

As you hike the creek usually follows you along to your left, but at a certain high point in the trail, as you can see, the creek makes a big U.  The trail itself is about 5 miles round trip and pretty moderate.  There are some inclines but none of them are very steep.  There are also several fun log bridges that help you cross over the creek.  Check out below for more photos of the falls and Cades Cove!


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