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Top 10 Pins

It’s that time again! Time for me to share my Pinterest addiction with the great wide world of the interweb.  So here it is folks, back by popular demand…Top 10 Pins of the week.

2. Suitcases!  I love that old fashioned suitcases are making a come back in more than just fashion.  There are lots of crafty and resourceful ways to use suitcases these days.

3. Outdoor shower.  I need one in my life.

4. Potstickers!  This is a recipe I haven’t tried yet, but I am excited to.  I’ll be honest, I’m a little intimidated but I think the results will be delicious.

5. Isn’t this cool?!  I think I may try it this weekend.  It seems pretty simple but an easy way to create your style.

6. More bookshelves, that’s what everyone needs in their life.

7. New spin on wrapping without a bow!  I think this could be applied in many ways, not just wrapping.  I’m sure you could use it for scrapbooks or other crafts.  Unique idea though.

8. I love bird tattoos.  I think they are just beautiful, especially sparrows or blue birds.

9. Irish car bomb cupcakes, need I say more?  I know you guys will want the link to this one.

10.  I have wanted a terranium for quite awhile.  I don’t know why I keep trying to have plants when I just kill them but I do.  Anywho, I think this is a perfect solution for people like me who have very curious kitties.  If you google them, some even have tops.  Great idea for pet lovers who still want some indoor plants!

Well folks, that’s it for now.  Let me know what you think or if you have any links to share to similar topics!


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